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About Dive Drive

My name is Shravya Narasimhan. After learning about the lack of participation in Special Olympics in the Southeast region of Michigan, I wanted to increase participation and awareness in my community. Additionally, I wanted to focus on helping to improve the health of those with disabilities by increasing the involvement in sports like swimming. 

I am also a member of the Youth Activation Committee for the state of Michigan, where we focus on spreading inclusion among the younger generations to increase inclusivity in the future. 

Our Mission

According to the CDC, less than 50% of US adults and children with disabilities meet the recommended physical activity guidelines. Our mission is to increase the accessibility of swimming for athletes with disabilities to benefit, improve, and maintain their health.

Our Goal

Our goal for Dive Drive is to bring the cost of swimming for those with intellectual disabilities to $0, so no swimmer will have to pay to participate. This may help to increase participation in Special Olympics swimming and improve the health of those with intellectual disabilities. 

About Special Olympics Michigan (SOMI)

SOMI aims to increase inclusivity in communities and provide athletes with equal opportunities to be active and participate. 


For more information, visit the SOMI website.

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